Living on Campus

Student Life Living on Campus

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Mid-Atlantic has two waterfront residence halls: Pearl A. Presley Hall (girl’s dorms) and Harold C. Turner (guy’s dorm). These halls support traditional dormitory-style living on a college campus. Each dorm houses a Residence Hall Director, who oversees room assignments and other dorm matters. Resident Assistants, students employed by the university who are located on each hall to assist students with day-to-day college life, provide guidance and direction with personal matters, and to organize dorm activities that build fellowship and spiritual maturity. 



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Mid-Atlantic’s dorms provide comfortable living for its residents. Each room has the following stationary furnishings: 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 bookshelves, 2 sets of closets (one for hanging clothes, one with a chest of drawers), sink and mirror, room controls for AC/heat, wireless internet and LAN hookup.

Each hall also has a lobby with TV and cable access. The first floor main lobby is equipped with a wide-screen TV and cable, sitting and studying areas, Foosball and pool tables, and table tennis. In addition to these amenities, there is also a workout center provided in the Herald C. Turner building.

MACU borders the Pasquotank River. Often you can enjoy boat rides as well as the use of our kayaks to explore the river.

The Albert Blanton III Campus Life Center includes the chapel, gymnasium, and library. The chapel allows us all to come together for worship in student-led chapel services and fellowship. Our gymnasium is a perfect place for intramural and collegiate volleyball and basketball games. The library has several computers available for student use as well as being a quiet place to study.